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Electric Buses for Bengaluru

Fifty two percent of Bengaluru’s trip share is composed of private transportation. This project is therefore focused on creating an eco-friendly public transport system by introducing electric buses. The project will ensure a 30 percent reduction in CO2 emission (14,879 tonnes/day) by 2021 vis-à-vis a business-as-usual scenario (21,255 tonnes/day).

Stakeholders in this project include Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC), bus manufacturers, battery manufacturers, and utility and private operators.

Following a market assessment and policy review of electric buses, six operating models for electric public transportation, along with viability assessments, were recommended. Instead of a direct procurement model, the Eco-Cities India Program recommended a gross cost-operating model, which was adopted by BMTC.

BMTC has shortlisted an operator following a competitive tender process. The private sector operator is estimated to make an investment of around $15 million to roll out 40 e-buses in the first phase./p>